Celebrities with high IQ’s

When it comes to celebrities, we are all over the gossip, like who is dating who or which one of them was part of the next big scandal. Celebrities are not all drama though, some of them prefer to stay out of the limelight with their noses in a book! What we mean is, some celebrities are super-smart with actual degrees and top-notch credentials! Some even have very high IQ’s! Let’s take a look at 8 celebrities who are multi-talented.

Celebrity IQ

Lisa Kudrow

Although she plays Phoebe, the ditsy blonde on Friends, Lisa Kudrow has a degree in Science from Vassar College. She majored in biology and has an IQ of more than 140! She also worked in a lab with her father who was a headache specialist, helping to carry out important research. Although she liked science, she loved the arts which is why, after she graduated, she decided to give acting a go, and the rest is history!

Celebrity facts

Mayim Bialik

We might know this funny actress from the show The Big Bang Theory. Art imitates life because in the show she plays a neurologist, but did you know that she is actually a real-life neurologist? Mayim’s IQ has been reported to be well over 150. She was accepted to both Harvard and Yale and even has a doctorate! She is even a member of the high IQ society MENSA.

Smart celebrities

Matt Damon

Known for his ability to transform himself through both action and dramatic roles, Matt Damon is one of those celebrities who has kept himself out of the public eye. It is no surprise that Good Will Hunting, the screenplay written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, won an Oscar. It was devised while Matt was studying playwriting at Harvard!

Steve Martin

Another MENSA member, Steve Martin, has been reported to have an IQ of 142. He graduated from California State University and aspired to become a professor. He’s written screenplays, children’s books and novels but is mostly known for his wacky on-screen performances and ability to make us laugh.

Nathalie Portman

This prolific actress is not only an on-screen genius with the ability to play some tough roles, she’s also a qualified psychologist with a degree from Harvard. Known for portraying both neurotic and lovable protagonists, Natalie Portman has also pursued post-grad courses at the University of Jerusalem, is published in academic journals and can speak five languages.

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster has had a long career on screen and is reported to have learned to read at the age of 3. Her way with words followed her well into adolescence when she started to learn French and became fluent in it. She can understand German, Spanish and Italian too! She graduated from Yale University and was also awarded a Doctorate in Fine Arts from Yale. Go Jodie!

Nolan Gould

Far from the character he plays on the show Modern Family, Nolan Gould is a genius in real life. He accelerated his schooling by being smart enough to skip 10 grades and also became a member of MENSA in 2012.