The Spider-Man Movies Quiz

The Spider-Man films are some of the most beloved, wacky, and campy superhero films out there – or films full stop. From Sam Raimi’s adventures with Tobey Maguire to Marvel’s latest epics with Tom Holland, fans all over the world have embraced Spidey films with open arms. After all, Spider-Man is one of the great heroes that a lot of us can relate to. But how much do you know about this fella’s cinematic outings? Reckon you can master our quiz? Well, let’s take a swing at it, shall we?

Did you know that Sam Raimi, director of ‘Spider-Man’, actually auditioned spiders for the role of the spider that bites Peter Parker? Seriously. The kind of spider he was looking for was basically a black widow, but having that run over Tobey Maguire’s hand wasn’t really an option. Therefore, etymologist Steven Kutcher brought in a selection of spiders to audition for Raimi. With CGI not really being up to scratch at the time, they picked a real spider and then painted it with blue and red accents to give it that extra edge.

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